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What is IVF?

When a couple conceives naturally, sperm from the man and the egg from the woman meet in the woman’s fallopian tubes. These are the tubes that join the ovaries to the uterus (womb). One sperm penetrates the egg and fertilises it.In IVF, this process of fertilisation happens outside the woman’s body. A woman’s eggs are surgically removed and fertilised in a laboratory using sperm that has been given as a sperm sample.Next, the fertilised egg, called an embryo, is surgically implanted into the woman's womb.Typically, one cycle of IVF takes between four and seven weeks.

What is ICSI ?

Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is  the process of selecting a single sperm by the embryologist  to be injected directly into an egg. It is successful for pregnancy in even the most difficult types of male infertility, including man who have fewer than hundred sperms in there semen sample.


The ultimate advantage of IVF is achieving a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. IVF can make this a reality for people who would be unable to have a baby otherwise:

1 Blocked tubes

2 Older patients/ patients with a low ovarian reserve:

3 Male infertility/ infertility due to some other causes

4 Polycystic ovarian disease(PCOD)

5 Endometriosis

6 Premature ovarian failure.

7 Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

Success rate in IVF

It depends on a number of factor including a reason of infertility , where you are having the procedure done and age . A women age is a major factor in the success of IVF for any couple.For an instance a women who is under age 35 and undergoes IVF has a 39.6% chance of having a baby while a women over age 40 has a chance of 11.5%.However  success rate is increasing in every age group as the techniques are more refined and practioners have become more experienced .


The medication and procedures required for IVF are rarely associated with complications whoever as with all medical treatments there are some potential  problems that may occur

Facilitates Provided :

Basic Infertility Work up

1  Semen Analysis

2  Endometrial Biopsy

3  HSG

4  Hormonal Analysis

5  Treatment for PCOD & Amenorrhoea(Our Speciality)


1  Follicullar monitoring

2  Sonosalpingography

3  Diagnostic & Interventional Sonography

Cryo Preservation

1  Sperm

2  Embryo

Male Infertility



3  Donor Insemination

4  Semen Qualitative Analysis

5  DNA Fragmentation Index.


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