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SIROABHYANGAM: Used in conjunction with herbs, spices and various oils, does not only strengthens muscles and firms the skin but also encourages the body's natural healing abilities.

ABHYANGAM : It has been found very effective for improving eyesight, longevity, sound sleep, vitality and propagates a glowing skin. These massages are also considered as a preventive method for keeping healthy. In short it rejuvenates the body and maintains the physique.

DHARA: This therapy could be for specific body parts or for the whole body, depending upon the type of ailment. It promotes rejuvenation and revitalization of the human mind & body and lessens the effect of ageing. It is a special massage therapy for removing stress and strain.

FACIAL AND FACE PACK (BEAUTY CARE):  oil is applied on the face. This oil nourishes, cleanses and beautifies the tissues and brings in a smooth youthful glow to the complexion by reducing wrinkles. After the facial massage face pack is applied. This makes the skin softer and gives it a natural glow.


Udwarthanam is a deep exfoliating powder massage. This massage uses prescribed herbs in their dry powdered form to exfoliate the dead skin and break down excessfat resulting in a slimmer, firmer you .


This treatment involves cooked medicinal rice called Nyavara, blended with milk and herbs, tied in muslin cloth bundles and applied all over the body in a rhythmic manner. This unique treatment prepares you well for the stresses and strains of busy modern life. This treatment is supremely nourishing, rejuvenating, and toning for Muscles..


This is the application of herbal paste externally over the affected area. The herbal powder and the medium to make the paste are selected as per the condition. This therapy is having a wide range of usage from cosmetic purpose to severe skin conditions and arthritic pains. This therapy is very effective in psoriasis, pimples, marks on skin, pigmentation, arthritis with swelling & pain, injuries and skin infections.

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