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Sundarkand Paath

Lord Hanuman is the great fan and warrior of Lord Rama and does an important role in destroying  Ravana ,the demur and symbol of evil. Sunderkand describes the movement of Lord Hanuman in search of Devi Sita when kidnapped by Ravana. It shows the motivation and bravery.

Benefits  Of  Sundarkand  Paath

1 Improves financial situation.

2. Brings you closer to God.

3. Remove all kind of black magic.

4. It outweighs enemies.

5. Removes the ill-effect of the planets.

6 .Definitely makes you fearless .

7. It shows the solution to each and every problem in your life.

8. Bring peace and happiness in mind and soul.

9. Brings prosperity at home.

10. Any sinful person purifies himself by reciting Sunderkand.

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