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Lakshmi Puja

The word Lakshmi  comes from the Sanskrit word lakshya, or goal.  Lakshmi puja is also known as Diwali Puja .It is said Ma Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is believed to protect us from all kinds of sorrows. A light of knowledge is said to unfold on this day.

To welcome the Lakshmi Puja , the devotees clean their places of worship , decorate them with best clothing and lights, and prepare sugary . Devotees believe that this puja will sanctify  the family with health and money.


Benefits of Lakshmi Puja

  •  Lakshmi Puja clears the barrier of every one’s life
  • When the light of Lakshmi enters your life, you will experience awesomeness. This puja will provide you with worldly treasures like jewellery, good investments, beautiful clothes and lots of other things
  • Inviting Lakshmi into your life enhances your power, overcome government hindrances  and enhances your chances to win court cases.

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