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Astrology Guru

With 20 years of devotion to the science of Astrology, V.P. SHARMA, carved out a niche of his own and is well renowned for his hard work which made him the master of this field. Various complex problems related to everyday life has been solved by Astrologer such as relationship problems, education problems,business problem, love problem, marriage problems and a lot more.

•             Qualifications: Master's Degree in Astrology

•             Field of Expertise: Astrology, Face Reading & Dreams

•             Achievements: Acharyaji showed his inclination towards the subject and his highly evolved intuition at a very early stage when he caught some of his colleagues off-guard with his ability. It so happened that one day some of his colleagues approached him with a photograph of an individual asking about the individual’s life. Acharyaji instantly sensed something was amiss. He asked, "Why do you people joke with me?"His colleague asked him, "Why, what is wrong? We have brought this photo, so why can't you predict?" At this remark, Acharyaji said, "How can I, when the person (whose photograph you have brought) is no more." Later his colleagues enquired and discovered that the person in the photograph has indeed passed away.

•             Products: Contact administrator(admin@gurusofindia.com)

•             Profile: Acharyaji is one of those astrologers in world who strongly believe that India’s Ancient Knowledge can be harnessed positively to change one’s life for the better. With the motto to provide hope and attitudinal corrections to the ones seeking answers in life, Acharyaji provides solution to any life related problems to one and all.

For effective online solution to any of your problems or pain in life, get in touch with Acharyaji and be sure to get advice and more importantly a way to a happy life. Acharyaji has not only provided solutions to different problems of people from all over India, but have also consulted and helped out people from United Kingdom, USA, Dubai, Canada, Middle East, South Africa, Spain and also various places from all over the world.

Feel free to connect with us through e-mail and cell phone and share any of your queries and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can Contact Us at : astroguru@paxxio.in