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Sell on Paxxio

At Paxxio we have some excellent options available for suppliers who sell quality products and quality services. We understand that our suppliers and vendors require a decent platform to publish the goods and/or services that they offer, and we provide them with just that.

The advantages of selling with Paxxio are as follows:

  • Fair price and transparency for consumers and suppliers
  • Variety of services sold such as event management, medical tourism, passion travel and photography
  • Good hold on various markets around India including Tier 1 and tier 2 cities.


We have very fair trade practices in place which ensures that all our suppliers find everything they require on our site. We also make a great effort to ensure that our consumers and suppliers are fully satisfied with the services that we offer them. We ensure that the products and services offered by our suppliers and partners are excellently positioned on our website, and we have transparent business policies.

Paxxio also believes in quality both in the level of goods and service that we provide our consumers with and also our suppliers and partners with. This helps us build strong relations with them, and also helps us run our operations in a far more effective manner. Our aim to excel in all fields of E commerce and we respect all those who make that possible for us. 


Sell 24x7 Procedure

  1. How to sell at Paxxio

You could be a manufacturer, brand owner, retailer/seller, distributor or a professional artist.

  1.  We encourage the merchant to follow the rules and policy laid by the government to have the safe market place.
  2. For Registration

You have to click on the button called = customer/seller  sign in  at right side of home page and become owner of your own online store  and fill the registration form with desired document for registration with Paxxio.

Please note Paxxio will verify you before your products are live.

  1. Once you are registered

You will have your own login Id and password for complete access to your online store so you can upload new product, manage pricing & order. You can also upload your own product by CSV file which is present in our market place. Both configure & simple CSV files are available according to the need merchant could use it.

  1. There is no fee for registration.

But a selling service fee is charged on successful execution of transaction.

  1. The online payment of a merchant is transferred within 7 – 15 days after deducting our selling service fee.
  2. Merchant are responsible for collecting & paying the accurate VAT/CST.
  3. Paxxio is the only platform that connects seller & buyer.
  4. Please Note:-

Under the return policy customer has right to return the product if it’s defective or not according to the specification. (Ex: - wrong color, wrong size, quality defect etc.)

NOTE – Seller have to refund to the customer including shipping charges.

  1. Paxxio will ensure the pickup of the returns.